Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What amazing people live in this world!

It hurt my heart to receive so many emails from so many women who are going through the same things (and much worse) with their children as I am living with my son.

So much pain... so much despair. I have received such beautiful and raw emails from mothers who are hurting - who wake up hurting - end their day hurting...

This post
is one that touched me deeply. I can feel her pain. Her life has realized my greatest fears... and yet, it is a story of strength - of faith. She truly truly touched me.

Please take a moment to read her post. After reading it I realize that although my pain is just as real as hers, she has suffered so much more and has still come out on the other side of the rainbow. Like her, I have placed my son in God's hands.


  1. thank you and I send you peace... check your email... I sent you one... We are on a few yahoo groups together... and I am glad you are my sister in Him.



  2. Give your son all the love you can...hug him...tell him you love him!
    "Tough Love" is also necessary and the hardest thing a mother can do.I know it was the hardest thing I ever had to do until the day came when I had to write my son's memorial. Yes, I lost my son at the age of 18...!
    I've been through your pain and all the other mothers who have to love a son or daughter that is addicted. I send you love, healing, courage and strength.
    P.s I am jackie that was sitting at your table at the DD workshop on Sat.
    I was just cruising through blogs that I had saved over the years and I saw the name elena......clicked on the blog and realized it was you.
    It's amazing how much we are connected...when we allow ourselves to open up. In Love.....jackie(booklvr888@yahoo.com)